90's Game Chants Made Into a Song!

Do you remember the time when there were no tablets present for us to play with? No cellphones / wifi for us to use 90 percent of the time that we are with our friends? Remember the time when we would go out and play chinese garter, Nanay Tatay, Langit Lupa, Patintero, Luksong baka and many more?

The 90's kids would definitely remember them through this song that 2 men sang! The lyrics are the chants of the games that we used to play! From Nanay Tatay to rapping Langit Lupa, this would definitely make it play again and again! 

Watch the video below! 

Video from Youtube via Daily Video Trends 3

Do you remember the games that you used to play?

What games did you play as a child? Feel free to comment below!