American recording group, Death Cab For Cutie has announced the release of their eighth studio album -"Kintsugi" since their 2011 Grammy Award-nominated "Codes And Keys"! It will be out on March 31st, everywhere via Atlantic.

"Kintsugi" is the album that marks Death Cab For Cutie's first new album after the departure of founding guitarist/keyboardist/producer - Chris Walla, last year. Recorded in Los Angeles, the album's title was inspired also by Walla before he left. Kintsugi is a style of Japanese art that takes broken ceramics and is repaired with precious metals - representing that any damage is embraced as part of history.

“Considering what we were going through internally, and with what a lot of the lyrics are about, it had a great deal of resonance for us – the idea of figuring out how to repair breaks and make them a thing of beauty,” explained Nick Harmer (bassist), who suggested the name to the band and added, “philosophically, spiritually, emotionally, it seems perfect for this group of songs."

Below is the tracklist for "Kintsugi":

1. No Room In Frame
2. Black Sun
3. The Ghosts Of Beverly Drive
4. Little Wanderer
5. You've Haunted Me All My Life
6. Hold No Guns
7. Everything's A Ceiling
 8. Good Help (Is So Hard To Find)
9. El Dorado
10. Ingenue
11. Binary Sea

 A tour will take place, accompanying the album release. You can stay updated on their album and upcoming tour, by checking out their official website, HERE!

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