WATCH: Various Filipinos Cover YENG CONSTANTINO's "Ikaw"!

Yeng Constantino proved how her music touches the hearts of her Filipino fans last year with the release of her heart-touching ballad song "Ikaw"!

Admit it or not, the pop-rock princess' song had been one of your last song syndromes in 2014! And this video uploaded by ABS-CBN Starmusic compiled Filipino YouTubers' cover of "Ikaw" to form the whole song! 

It just truly reflects how a romantic song from Yeng becomes the theme song of many fans, old and young alike! 

So listen to the compilation of "Ikaw" covers from Filipino YouTubers below:

Video Posted by: ABS-CBN Starmusic

Yeng should be very happy to see this wonderful compilation of her song! It just proves how fans jumped into the "Ikaw" bandwagon last year!

What can you say? How much do you love Yeng Constantino's "Ikaw" song? Feel free to leave us a comment below.



  • stephanyjane

    posted 2 years ago

    wow.. ganda its my favorite song... ''ikaw'' by yeng constantino