HALE Reunited For A Surprise Set!

Surprise, surprise!

Just last night, the four members of alternative rock band - Hale, reunited for an unexpected set at 12 Monkeys! That's right! Champ Lui Pio, Roll Martinez, Sheldon Gellada and Paolo Santiago got down and brought their music back to the stage just like how they rocked it out before for us - Hale style!

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It was a remarkable night, as people had goosebumps just from listening to them live! They sang some of our favorite songs during their set like "Broken Sonnet," "Kung Wala Ka," The Day You Said Goodnight" and "Kahit Pa"! You'll feel the nostalgia and have goosebumps as well just from watching a snippet of their performance that night in the video below!

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It was a nostalgic night indeed! Could this mean that the band has plans of reuniting for good? Well we all sure wish they do, because we all need a little dose of Hale in our lives! Let's hope that this won't be their last set together!

Wouldn't it be awesome if they carried on these gigs as a complete band, just like before? Share us your thoughts by leaving a comment!