#8YearsOfKidrauhl - A JUSTIN BIEBER Throwback Playlist!

It all started with a few cover videos, 8 years ago on the kidrauhl Youtube channel - the official account of Canadian singing, worldwide heartthrob - Justin Bieber!

Trending worldwide is the hashtag, #8YearsOfKidrauhl as Beliebers all around the world remember and look back at Justin's humble beginnings! Beliebers started believing in Justin's fresh and young talent, just from watching his amazing cover videos which actually brought him to stardom.

Bieber's current manager, Scooter Braun first discovered him via his youtube videos in 2007 when he was only 12-years old! Soon after, they got in contact with the young star and immediately signed him under RBMG, with Usher! Apparently, Justin Timberlake was also on the run to signing Bieber, but he lost to Usher and Braun. Being fought over by two of some of the biggest music icons definitely means a lot! That's when you know you've definitely got something going on for you! And the rest is history, as we see Justin Bieber now, topping charts all across the globe!

To celebrate the amazingly successful #8YearsOfKidrauhl, we've compiled a couple of Justin's first-ever cover videos showcasing his total-talent-package which brought him to where he is now! Check them out below!

Justin Sings "So Sick" By Ne-Yo

Justin Sings "Angel" By Sarah Maclachlan

Justin Sings "Fallin" By Alicia Keys

Justin Sings "Basketball" By Lil Bow Wow

Justin Sings "Respect" By Aretha Franklin

Justin Sings "Cry Me River" By Justin Timberlake

Justin Singing "I'll Be" By Edwin McCain

Justin Singing "With You" By Chris Brown

Justin Singing "Back At One" By Brian McKnight

Justin Singing "You And Me" By Lifehouse

Justin Singing "U Got It Bad" By Usher

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Just from looking back at Bieber's old videos, there's no denying that he's a true superstar! Here's to 8 great years of "Beliebing"!

Do you remember watching and being amazed from these first couple of videos of Justin Bieber when he wasn't famous yet? What did you think of him back then and now? Give us your thoughts by dropping a comment!



  • MarisonfermoReid

    posted 2 years ago

    I really Really Love Justin Bieber ?