Top 5 Fitness And Health Apps You Need To Try!

Many of us are still aiming for that fit and healthy body for this 2015! We know it's a lot harder than it is to say! With all of that delicious food that tempts to ruin our diet and our busy schedules that hinders us from keeping our exercise habits constant - we need health and fitness reinforcements!

Well we've found some of the best and free apps for your smartphones that can help you stay on track and reach that fitness goal of yours! With just a button away, you can put yourself in the right direction again with these apps. Check out the fitness and health apps below that you think will help you the most!

1. Challenges - RunKeeper
Although the name mentions "run", this app doesn't only focus on that, but walking, biking and hiking as well! Using the GPS on your Android phones, it tracks your pace, measures your workout distance and essentially imroves your fitness! It motivates and guides you to finish a certain distance, lose weight and get in shape, plus you can sync it with other fitness apps you're already using, for even better results! Check it out HERE.

2. Nexercise
"Tap into your motivation" with this fun and effective fitness app! It is an interactive game of its kind as you with a community of other health and fitness concsious people using the app as well! It's like a fitness buddy that gives you rewards for motivation! It has almost 200 activities that can be your training tool for any diet or weight loss program. Check it out HERE.

If you're looking to strengthen and build your body through training routines, then this app may be for you! Jefit works like a personal trainer in your pocket! It's filled with a database of thousands of routines, sorted by the parts of your body you want to target! It gives you detailed instructions and also has other features like a progress tracker, exercise log, workout planner, etc. to make your exercising experience better! Check it out HERE.

4. Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal
Keep that diet monitored and healthy with this world's most popular health and fitness app! This app is the fastest and easiest to use calorie counter. It has the largest food database by far and is growing daily, which will help you keep track of your food in-take to help you take off those extra pounds! It has other features as well, like a tracker of all major nutrients, progress reports, customized goals based on your diet profile and more! Check it out HERE.

5. Ingress
If you're looking for a way to get in shape by exploration and adventure, then this is the app you need to get! This global game application has already received many awards for the fun gaming and exercise experience! "It's a social network, a lifestyle and exercise rolled into one..." said Chris M., a user of this app! It's a game of mystery, exploration and adventure, which will eventually get you back into shape because it encourages you to get off your behind to get out, move and explore! It transforms the real world into a landscape for a global game, using your phones to discover and tap sources of a mysterious energy! Check it out HERE.

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Which app did you try out? How was it? Do you know of any other good health and fitness apps? Share it with us by leaving a comment!