GAB VALENCIANO Releases Newest Super Selfie Feat. GARY VALENCIANO!

The Super Selfie king, Gab Valenciano, is back with another fresh video showcasing his energetic and intricate dance styles! But what makes this video particularly special, is that it features Gab Valenciano's father - Mr. Pure Energy himself, Gary Valenciano!

The concept of this video was done by Gab and his brother Paolo! While the song used, "We Will Arise" is by Gary! "Arise" was actually first seen in the concert of the same title, last April 11, 2014! Gary used the black light effect during the show which instantly "wow'd" the crowd! In this "Super Selfie - The Father And Son: Arise" video, they performed it with cool LED lights that will amaze you just like at the concert!

Check it out for yourself in the video below!

Video Posted By:

Gab Valenciano

The Super Selfie king has done it again! But this time with the help of Mr. Pure Energy! With this amazingly talented, dynamic-duo, it's guaranteed we can always expect something incredible!

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