CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa Releases First Solo Album "One Fine Day" With Title Track's Music Video!

Just released today, is CNBLUE's lead vocalist, Jung Yong Hwa's first solo album titled "One Fine Day"! The album has 10 songs, which includes the title track and intro as well. The eight songs in "One Fine Day" are: "Cruel Memories," “Energy,” “Mileage,” “Checkmate,” “Without You,” “Last Leaf,” “Goodnight Lover,” and “27 Years.”

In an article posted by, Jung Yong Hwa said, “I made the decision to make the album about two years ago, and it has taken me just over a year to complete.” He added, “Because all I did was write songs for CNBLUE, it felt like I was a little locked into that. I felt like I needed some time to just recharge myself,” Jung Yong Hwa admitted and as a result, decided to create this great album! What also makes this album special are the diverse featured artists Jung Yong Hwa collaborated with! Those artists include YB’s Yoon Do Hyun, Verbal Jint, Yang Dong Geun, JJ Lin, and American blues guitarist Peter Malick!

Along with the release of "One Fine Day," was the release of the album title track's music video! It was also posted today on CNBLUE's Youtube account. You can check it out here in the video below!

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  • Roxanne_YH

    posted 2 years ago

    I super love this song <3