TAYLOR SWIFT Reacts To 2-Year Old Baby Lip Syncing To "Shake It Off"!

Taylor Swift's song "Shake It Off" has been a huge hit for everyone - even to this extremely adorable 2-year old baby, lip syncing in the car! 

The baby was caught on camera sitting in her car seat while jamming to "Shake It Off" as it plays in the car! It's obvious that this 2-year old baby loves the song and knows it by heart!

When Taylor Swift noticed the cute video, she reposted it on her Twitter account saying, "YOU TELL THOSE HATERS GIRL."

Later on in the video, the baby even adds her own adorable little dance moves making the video a must-watch! Fall in love with this 2-year old baby lip syncing to "Shake It Off" in the video below!

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