No Showbiz Stars in YENG CONSTANTINO's Wedding Entourage

Unlike other recent extravagant celebrity weddings, Yeng Constantino has chosen to take things differently for her upcoming wedding with Yan Asuncion - by not inviting any showbiz friends to be part of the entourage!

Yeng and Yan are much closer with their non-showbiz friends so they came up with this decision to make the celebration more intimate and personal.

The pop-rock princess explained in an interview with entertainment site Push, “Kasi mas nagse-spend kami ng time with them. Kasi sa ‘ASAP’ hindi naman talaga kami nagkikita-kita. Every Sunday lang. Tapos mas naka-build talaga ako ng relationship talaga with my non-showbiz friends. Like Monday ko, after ‘ASAP’, Monday ko church, magdi-dinner kami, manonood ng movie as in nabubuo talaga 'yung relationship.”

She added, “I think alam mo 'yung sobrang special talaga nung mga friends ko na non-showbiz na gustong-gusto ko talaga sila nandun and ma-enjoy talaga nila 'yung moment na nakita nila ako mag-grow as a person.”

The "Ikaw" singer also explained that their non-showbiz friends were given special roles in the wedding since they were the ones who really got to personally witness their love story develop.

Yeng said, “Nakita nila 'yung pinagdaanan ko, nakita nila 'yung iiyak-iyak ako, nakita nila 'yung masaya ako, nakita nila 'yung changes sa life ko nung dumating si Yan. ‘Yun 'yung purpose nun kasi kung ikaw mag-i-invite ka lang, magpaparampa ka lang just to show off, look at my entourage, punong-puno ng celebrity, ang pangit naman nun. Hindi ganun eh. It has to be sincere. These are the people who watched me grow.”

But Yeng still expressed her love for her friends in the entertainment industry, “I love my ‘ASAP’ family. Ang gusto mo lang talaga na level ng relationship dapat 'yung inner circle muna. It’s not to show off. It’s not who I am, I don’t want to do that.”

As long as Yeng and Yan are happy with their decision, then that's all that matters! Their wedding is on February 14, and we absolutely can't wait to see these two enter the married life! We wish them all the best as their wedding nears!

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