Now This Is How To Bust A Move In Your Own Bedroom!

Admit it! Sometimes there are just those days when you wake up in the morning wanting to get up and dance! Either that or maybe you're just extremely bored in your room. Then all of a sudden you hear your jam is on and you can't help but get down and groove!

Fear not, because you are not alone!

We've found someone who clearly shows that they have those sudden dance urges too! Not only only that - but she documents it like a pro! #DancingInMyRoom is the hashtag Carla Dunareanu uses for her "super-selfie-like", carefree and outrageously fun videos of her busting moves in her bedroom! You may know her as a DJ on Magic 89.9, or maybe you've seen her on the first season of "The Kitchen Musical"! But in these videos, she shows that she's also got talent in the dance department!

She's made three awesome videos so far which we're sure will make you want to dance too! Check them out!

This is the first of her #DancingInMyRoom series showing her getting down to Beyonce's "7/11"!

Her second video shows her getting her swag on to "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer!

Video Posted By:Carla Dunareanu

And this one is her most recent video which she did especially for her birthday! Now that's how you start off your happy birthday!

So what are you waiting for? Blast that music and get your groove on just in the walls of your own bedroom! Why? Because you can, it's fun and it's relieving!

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What did you think of these #DancingInMyRoom videos? Do you have a video of yourself dancing in your room too? Share it with us by leaving a comment!