MYXclusive: ABRA Teases About His Upcoming Music Video "Cerberus"!

In the first installment of our MYXclusive interview with Abra, the rapper talked about his current chart-topping music video "Diwata" and expressed his gratitude for all of the support! He also mentioned about another project he's currently working on - the official music video for his track "Cerberus"!

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Three heads are better than one! Ron Henley and Loonie are also featured on "Cerberus" which is actually a three-headed hound in Greek and Roman mythology. It guards the underworld and has other dark features such a serpent's tail, a mane of snakes and a lion's claw! This gives you pretty good idea of how the music video would probably turn out!

Abra revealed in our MYXclusive interview that they already started shooting the music video and could only describe it as a "blockbuster!" Check out what else the rapper had to say about his upcoming music video for "Cerberus"!



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