You Better Listen To Our "PARENTS KNOW BEST" Playlist!

When life hits us hard, when we feel a little bit sad over things that make us feel bad or when we come to experience our first heartbreak, the best persons to run to are our parents! So we've compiled some pop tunes that share words of wisdom from Mom and Dad! Here's our "Parents Know Best" playlist!  


1) WINGS by Little Mix

It's true that we cannot please everyone! Sometimes, we overthink what people say about us! But this catchy song from the English girl group Little Mix is just the right comforting song from your mother saying "not to waste your life, spread your wings my little butterfly, and don't let what they say keep you up at night" !

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When you have problems, just heed the advice of Jessie J's mum (and dad)! Smile and just shrug it off with a joke!

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3) DON'T YOU WORRY CHILD by Swedish Mafia House ft. John Martin

If you feel broken inside, here's the best message a dad could possibly give to brighten up your day: "Don't you worry, don't you worry, child!" 

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4) BORN THIS WAY by Lady Gaga

This is an anthem for loving who you are! And there's no better person to help boost your self-esteem than your own mom!  

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5) ALL ABOUT THAT BASS by Meghan Trainor 

This song about having a positive body image propelled Meghan Trainor to stardom last 2014! Her momma's advice totally paid off!

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Only your mom and dad can give the best advice when it comes to broken hearts and self-esteem issues! So always listen to your parents - and our "Parents Know Best" playlist! 

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Do you know other songs that prove "Parents Know Best"? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section!