WATCH: Animals Acting Like Other Animals!

Pets can really be funny and bring joy to people's lives - especially if they act like animals of a different specie!  

Unlike other lizards who don't respond to any command, Buddy will welcome and greet you like a dog! 

Video from Youtube via Dave Durham

You might think that there's a small dog in this video, but you are wrong! It's actually a bird!

Video from Youtube via Leanne King

Thanks to Garfield, cats have a reputation of being lazy animals who would rather sleep the whole day than move. But have you ever seen a cat that fetches? Well, Tifa doesn't just fetch, she also wags her tail and pants like a dog! 

Video from Youtube via Irilya

Birds and cats are usually prey and predator. This time, we found a cat that acts like a crow!

Video from Youtube via FreeFunnyClips's channel

Of course, let us not forget the animals that behave like humans!

Video from Youtube via mihaifrancu


Have you seen any animals that act like other animals? Feel free to share in the comment section!