VJ BLOG: ERICA Takes On Miss Universe Q & A!

Although Miss Philippines MJ Lastimosa didn't make it to the Q & A portion of Miss Universe, we got our very own MYX VJs to answer some of the official questions from the competition this year! 

Why? Because it's fun and we believe that they too have the beauty and brains to win Miss Universe! 

First to take the hot seat is VJ Erica! Not only did she answer a Miss Universe question, but she also demonstrated her signature walk! Do you think she was able to handle the pressure of a Miss Universe contestant?

Check out how VJ Erica did in the video beow!


Stay tuned as our other MYX VJs take on the Miss Universe Q & A!

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What did you think of VJ Erica's answer and signature walk? Share us your thoughts by leaving us a comment!