VJ Bianca's Singapore Adventure

The 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards premieres tomorrow on MYX! Tune in starting 7PM to watch all the action, from red carpet to the awards show. VJ Bianca was one of the select few in attendance at the 2011 MAMAs to cover the event just for YOU! So catch their MAMA and SG adventure with VJ Chino.

On her latest video blog, VJ Bianca shares her MAMA experience and how she came out a bigger K-Pop fan after witnessing the awards show first-hand. Of course, being in the Lion City meant all kinds of opportunities for exploration, which is exactly what they she did with the MYX family. Watch as she shares some of the photos from her Singapore trip, including a photo of her favorite panda.



  • fairyjaja

    posted 6 years ago

    I wanna go to Singapore too :|

  • sherry131994

    posted 6 years ago

    yay! we're both a KPOP fan now Vj Bianc's ;)

  • zetsuemi

    posted 6 years ago

    yes Vj Bianca is a KPOP fan now..I wish I was there too..