Remembering EDSA Through Film

As part of the year-long project to mark the 25th anniversary of the 1986 EDSA People Power, Focus on the Global South - Philippines created the "EDSA Stories Project." The project started with the online portal launched in February containing multimedia projects which include 34 interviews with personalities who had first-hand experience with the three EDSA Revolutions. In addition, they had a film grant initiative calling for story concepts about EDSA, and among the stories submitted, 6 grantees were chosen to produce their film. These films were then pooled for the EDSA Film Festival dubbed "EDSAngangdaan: The EDSA Stories Film Festival" which took place last December 7-8 at the UP Film Center. 

"We call it 'EDSA Stories Project,' because that's our aim, to gather stories, to encourage people, lalo na yung mga ordinaryong mamamayan na di naman na-i-interview ng media, na di nakakapag-kuwento tungkol sa mga historic events na 'to," explained Clarissa Militante of Focus on the Global South - Philippines.

EDSAngangdaan-Clarissa_Militante.jpgClarissa V. Militante, Focus on the Global South - Philippines

"Bukod sa pagpapaalala, yun nga, naisip namin, 25 years after 1986 EDSA People Power, kung hindi man natatalakay yan sa classroom, saan pa yan makikita? We have to bridge the so-called memory gap," she added. This includes, according to Militante, the search for meaning. She explained: "Kung hindi man sila pinanganak sa panahon na iyon o nabuhay sa panahong yun, yung kasaysayan should still have its value. It should have its meaning in the current generation."

As such, the film grant was given to various sectors -- the youth, women, professional filmmakers -- to tackle different perspectives of the historic event.

EDSAngangdaan-Andrea_Reyes-JJ_Collins.jpg(Left) JJ Collins, Director, and Andrea Regine Reyes, Producer of "Bagong Buhay"

MYXph got to talk to the producer and director of TEAM MC (Miriam College) who created "Bagong Buhay." As representatives of the youth, we wanted to know how the experience changed their perspectives on EDSA.

"We decided to make a film based on how we see EDSA and its contributions to our society. Our film is more on symbolisms and the aftermath of EDSA," explained "Bagong Buhay" director JJ Collins. "It made us, kind of, appreciate it a little bit more and gave us a little bit more insight on the topic, not just from our perspective, but it gave us a bigger view of what other people think of EDSA, being able to interact with these types of people."

She added, "Especially when we were learning about it, of course it's just all head knowledge. We don't know what EDSA really is, we hear about it from our parents, our teachers, we don't know really what it is and as the years go on, we feel like it's losing its charm, and the more that we feel disconnected from it, which is very much reflected in the film that we made."

"At least I hope they get that from our film,"  Andrea quippped.