Watch the Premiere of Karylle's "Basically" on NOW!

Karylle is out with her latest single from her new album "Roadtrip"! See it first and get to watch her video for "Basically" right here, right now at!

Don't forget to tune in to MYX this Saturday, December 10, at 12 NOON for the TV premiere of "Basically"!




  • feodore

    posted 6 years ago

    its so beautiful ;-) kanino mo po dndedicate ung song heheh... sobrang meaningful bawat lines... saraP pakinggan..

  • troycabida

    posted 6 years ago

    really cozy and the epitome of sweetness. a far cry from her poppy and sosy OMG, but still a very nice for the eyes and ears. =)