False Rumors: "Coldplay in Manila"


1-coldplay hoax2.png


Filipino Coldplay fans were disappointed as news announcing the band coming to Manila turned out to be false. The rumors originated from a  fake poster that spread online, which stated details on Coldplay's "supposed" concert complete with the date and venue. Events production company, Dayly Entertainment's logo was even included on the poster, making it appear that they were one of the event organizers.


Fake poster of Coldplay concert in Manila

The fake poster was apparently just produced by someone for a computer graphics class, which was then leaked and eventually found its way online. Dayly Entertainment cleared the matter on its official Facebook page saying that the poster was a complete hoax and clarified that as of the moment, there was no truth to news of Coldplay coming here for a concert.



  • almira15

    posted 6 years ago