Lisa Loeb Praises Pinoy's Version of "Stay"

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In yet another inter-continental connection made possible by social networking, international singer and 90s icon Lisa Loeb tweeted her followers endorsing Pinoy singer's version of her timeless hit, "Stay." The Pinoy singer in question? Singer-songwriter and Filscap winner Toto Sorioso.

Loeb praised Sorioso's version saying, "you did an amazing cover of my song! I saw the video!"

1-toto_sorioso.jpgToto Sorioso

Loeb initially endorsed Sorioso's cover to her followers with a link to the video. To which Sorioso replied, "im a don't know how much 'stay' has influenced me as a songwriter and musician. thank you for the honor to cover your song."

Sorioso's cover of "Stay" is currently at #19 in the Pinoy MYX Countdown. Watch the video below!

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