JUSTIN BIEBER Drops A Big Confession!

Justin Bieber hasn't made a public appearance in a while because of all his past controversies! But just today, he made a surprise appearance on Ellen Degeneres' show for her birthday. Afterwards, Justin tweeted a video where he let out his emotions during and after making his public appearance!

This is what Justin said in the video:

Just minutes after his tweet, Beliebers all over the world began reacting to his big confession! Trending worldwide now is the hashtag #WeDontJudgeYouJustin as they try to comfort the young star who confessed that, "Growing up in this business is hard... growing up in general is hard."

Bieber has been under the limelight ever since his 2009 debut! Starting at such a young age, we can't blame him for feeling this way from all of the pressure from the showbiz industry. At least we now know how Justin truly feels and we can only hope that he's able to cope with the pressure in the best way he could!

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