MYXclusive: Meet Warner Music's New Artists!

Warner Music Philippines has welcomed a group of fresh, young talents into their fold!

Now ready to invade the music scene is a solo artist with a uniquely captivating voice and ethereal sound - Aleph!

She's a classically-trained singer and was said to be confined by the walls put up by standards in the environment she grew up in. But that did not stop Aleph from growing as an artist as she eventually broke out of her shell to find her own true sound hidden deep in her soul.

Easily misunderstood, her sound is also difficult to define as she describes it as "a puzzle". But Aleph says if you dig deeper, you'll find the contents of her heart burried within her lyrics, rhythm and melody. She says that she'd rather have her songs speak for themselves. 

Music has always been Aleph's solace. She hopes that people will find that as well in her unique yet familiar sound. Get to know Aleph more by watching our MYXclusive with her below!


The silky-smooth sounding band SUD is another addition to the Warner roster!

SUD is composed of Sud Ballecer on vocals and guitar, Marc Reyes on bass, Jimbo Cuenco on drums, Gelo Acosta on lead guitar, Carlos de la Fuente on Sax and Kohl Aguilar on keyboard! As individual artists, each band member has evolved through their experience trying to make it big in the music scene. Each of the members came from different backgrounds of music like rock, jazz, R&B and soul.

Their musical diversity has now been finely sewn all together to make that "groovy" and "sexy" sound of SUD. As they soon release their songs into the mainstream, they envision to make a "New Surreal" brand of themselves - "a statement that could breathe life to itself."

Get to know the fellows of SUD and their story in our MYXclusive interview below!


Welcome to the music industry, Aleph and Sud! Good luck on your upcoming releases!

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