MYXclusive: Inside Stories From MICHAEL BUBLE's Band Members!

Michael Buble just had his extraordinary return concert here in the Philippines for his "To Be Loved" world tour! The Filipino's definitely felt the love at the concert as Buble put up another amazing night to remember! But concerts like this wouldn't turn out as good if it weren't for the other talented folks working with and behind the artist!

We fortunately (and unexpectedly) bumped into the band members of Michael Buble the night before his concert! We got down with Craig Polasko (bassist), Ryan Lerman (vocals, guitar and keyboard) and Marcel Camargo (vocals, percussion and guitar) to know more about them as individual artists and their experience working for Michael Buble!

You may have seen Ryan and Marcel in some of those instagram warm-up covers that Buble does before his concerts, just like this one below! They did the request of many Filipinos to do cover of Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" before his concert here in the Philippines!

Craig has been the long-time bassist for Buble, as he started roughly 10 years ago! Marcel has been with the band for about 4 years now, while Ryan is one of the newer members of the band with about 2 years of experience working with Buble. You could only imagine how its like working with a star like Buble! These guys experienced a lot of extraordinary things during all the concerts and tours with Buble. We were lucky enough to have them share some stories and facts with us. Find out what Craig, Ryan and Marcel had to say in our MYXclusive interview, by checking out the video below!


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