MYXclusive: Introducing Star Record's Newest Artist!

From starting a YouTube channel, to becoming an American Idol Season 12 contestant, and now, Star Records' newest  artist - Vanessa Quillao is an upcoming star to look out for!

Based in Orlando, Florida, Vanessa has always had a passion for music. She started singing as a young girl copying her mom who would sing around their household. From there, a talent began to blossom as Vanessa had formal vocal training and gained experience through competitions. Performing exceptionally well, never did she imagine she'd get this far with a normal hobby that developed to be her passion and new career path!

Her YouTube channel, which was created only out of fun, gained so much success with millions of views and subscribers! That accomplishment in itself goes to show that Vanessa is truly extraordinary! Not to mention that she's also a triple-threat, as described in her American Idol Season 12 video, as she has the talent, the experience and the looks to make a mark in the music industry!

Get to know Vanessa Quillao more in our MYXclusive interview with her below!


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