21 Stylin' Looks To Celebrate HARRY STYLES' 21st Birthday!

The youngest member of One Direction, Harry Styles turns 21 today! Trending worldwide is #HappyBirthdayHarryStyles and #21ReasonsWhyWeLoveHarry as his loyal fans all around the world join him to celebrate his big day!

And to join that celebration, we've compiled some of Harry's most stylin' looks as we all know he's the guy out of the five who has natural style! It's evident wherever he goes and even in his name!

Check out these top 21 "Harry Stylin'" looks!

Beanies, bandanas, jerseys, and shades... he's got that all in the bag!

He could rock a hoodie with a striped blazer, striped pants and even those braided locks!

Only Harry could pull-off those hats!
He could effortlessly swag out a plain white shirt!
Even with all of his tattoos, he can still pull-off wearing a bit of floral and plaid in one!
This photo goes to show that Harry could actually just do some part-time modelling.
Harry has so much style, he could even make a banana costume look good!
Not every guy could rock the polka dots, but Harry makes it effortless!

Harry looking sleek with the all-black outfit!

And four more looks that officially makes him a trend-setter!
That's right! Even as a kid, Harry has got style with his "Goofy" sweater!

And this photo also just proves that Harry was stylin' even as a youngster as he rocks the Mickey Mouse sweater!

Happy 21st Birthday to Harry Styles!

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