This Bracelet Will Make You Feel Like A Superhero!

For a superhero like Batman who's got a lot of dirty work to take care of, he'll need some handy technology to help him do the job! Owning one of these amazing multi-purpose utility bracelets will make you feel like a superhero yourself!

Imagine having 25 everyday hardworking tools all on your wrist! This new technology does just that! It's a "go-to, go anywhere multi-tool" that acts as a wrench, screwdriver, cutting hook, glass breaker, bottle opener, cutter, you name it! You can also add on an optional timepiece and use it as a watch as well! Made with stainless steel, this wristwear is perfect for Batman and those handymen who just want to get a job done - anytime, anywhere!

Check it out in the video below!

Video Source:LeathermanMedia

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