WATCH: Pets That Say "I LOVE YOU"!

The love month is finally here - which is really unfortunate for all the single people who have no one to celebrate it with!

But don't be sad if you can't find another person to say "I Love You"! Maybe your pet will! Here are some animals who can utter those three words that everyone longs to hear! 

Mishka the Husky howls his love for "Mom" and "Dad"!

Video from Youtube via gardea23

Just like some guys, Ishmael only says "I Love You" to score treats!

Video from Youtube via The Daily 'Mael

Now it's a parrot's turn to say those words!

Video from Youtube via Memories of Stephen Mariani =]

Who says cats are grumpy? This one is adorable! 

Video from Youtube via FITNESS 

Still can't get enough? Here are more pets saying "I love you"!

Video from Youtube via LindaChzang's channel

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Do you have a date on Valentine's Day? Or will you be spending it with your pet? Feel free to share in the comments section!