11 Ways Facebook Changed Our Lives!

Admit it. We're sure many of us can easily say that we just can't live without Facebook! Sometimes a day without checking your notifications is like a day without listening to music - you just have to do it!

But why is that? If you take a look around you, we're sure you'll find at least one person staring at the screens of their phone, scrolling down their news feed. It doesn't matter where or when. Facebook has practically become a part of our everyday lives!

This life-changing technology celebrates its 11th year of connecting all of us through an online social platform! And so, we've listed down the top 11 ways Facebook has changed our lives! Check it out below!

1. You can reunite with old friends (and enemies)!

2. You can meet and make new friends (that you most likely won't ever meet in real life)!

3. You can stalk, keep an eye out and "do intense research" on your crushes! 

4. You'll be reminded of all of your friends' birthdays and make it seem like you actually remembered!

5. You'll be able to share and ask around for answers for your homework!

6. You're always updated on "walang pasok" announcements!

7. You can play your favorite online games like Farmville, CandyCrush, Plants Vs. Zombies (but ignore all of the annoying game invitations)!

8. You'll easily be invited to all of the hottest parties and events (even though you probably ignore more than half of the invites)! 

9. You can post your best selfies and videos to amp up your Facebook fame! 

10. You can Like, Share and Comment on whatever you like! 

11. You can kill time whenever you're bored to death!

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How has Facebook changed your life? Tell us about it by leaving a comment!