"MYXed Lives: Chino & Bianca in Singapore" Showing TONIGHT!



Get to travel around Singapore with VJs Chino and Bianca as they check out all the must-see tourist destinations in the city! Tag along on their entire trip from the moment they arrived at Singapore up until their sightseeing adventure of the city's famous landmarks. They visited all the "places to be", from Merlion Park, to Orchard Road, and of course, Universal Studios!


Be sure to catch PART 1 of "MYXed Lives: Chino & Bianca in Singapore" later at 12:30AM!


Click here for more photos of VJs Bianca and Chino in Singapore!


Tell us what you think about their special MYXed Lives episode! What was your favorite part of the show and which of the places did VJs Chino and Bianca visit would you love to see for yourself? Send us your comments right here on!