What's The Real Deal On VJ NIKKI's Ring?

Our resident VJ Nikki's love life remains to be abuzz as rumors and suspicions spread about her current relationship status! 

Nikki recently opened up about boyfriend BJ Albert who she referred to as "her source of joy" and "The One" on MYX News! And now, the teaser photo for her new show MYX Studio Sessions has sparked even more questions!

After Nikki reposted this photo on her own Instagram account, fans couldn't help but notice the huge diamond ring on her finger! Some commenters insisted that it's just her purity ring, but many concluded that it's actually an engagement ring. Has Nikki's "special friend" really put a ring on it? As always, she's chosen to keep quiet on the issue.

But Nikki sings her feelings and talks about love with guest Robin Nievera on MYX Studio Sessions which premieres tonight at 9pm! Don't miss the pilot episode which will take you on a "feels trip"! 

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What's the real deal with VJ Nikki's ring? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment!