WATCH: Todong Music Video Appearances Ni TADO!

It's been a year since the tragic passing of comedian Tado Jimenez. His fans and friends in the music industry continue to miss Tado who has added color to a number of OPM videos. Here are some of his memorable music video appearances:

1) Nerbyoso - Rivermaya 

Can you imagine Tado without his signature long hair? See if you can recognize him at the beginning of this Rivermaya music video from the Rico Blanco era!

Video Posted by:RivermayaVEVO

2) Harana - Parokya Ni Edgar 

Now he's starting to look more like the Tado we know! Watch his cameo in this Parokya Ni Edgar classic! 

Video Posted by:denverpalisoc

3) Picha Pie - Parokya Ni Edgar

Wait for it... Wait for it... You won't be seeing Tado until the end of this "I Will Survive" spoof!  

Video Posted by:Bearicus22

4) Swimming Beach - Parokya Ni Edgar

Once again, he gets to hang out with the wacky guys of Parokya ni Edgar - in the beach this time! 

Video Posted by:denverpalisoc

5) Boy Kulot - Rocksteddy

Tado finally plays the lead in this music video as a guy who got cheated on by a former Viva Hot Babe!

Video Posted by:12stonerecords

6) Magkabilang Mundo - Jireh Lim

Donnalyn Bartolome falls for Tado instead in this 2013 music video which won Favorite Mellow Video in the 2014 MYX Music Awards. Jireh Lim dedicated the award to the late comedian who had died a month earlier.

Video Posted by:Jireh Lim

What do you remember about Tado? Feel free to share in the comments section!