WATCH: Adorable Swarms of Animals!

The sight of a large group of animals can be stressful or even downright scary! But we found delightful swarms of animals which will turn your frown upside down especially after being stuck in traffic during the rush hour!  

1) A Fluffy Fox Village

There's no Swiper swiping here! These skulk of foxes scurrying are just adorable! 

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2) The Bunny Sanctuary

There's an island in Japan where bunnies hop freely!

Video Posted by:Ipe360screeners

3) A Home Full of Pomeranians

This owner will make you feel jealous from the incredible furry love! 

Video Posted by:anjula pomeranians

4) The Cat Island

Just don't bring something fishy when you visit the Cat Island in Japan!

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5) A Crib of Panda Cubs

Don't you just want to laze around with these cute giant panda cubs? 

Video Posted by:CCTV News

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