10 Extraordinary Pizzas You Need To Try!

Clearly, there's nothing better than a good slice of pizza topped with oozing mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, onions, and bell peppers! 

And so for the love of pizza, we compiled some of the most outrageous kinds of pizzas from all over the world. You'll be reaching for the phone to have boxes of pizza delivered at your doorstep after seeing these 10 mouth-watering photos. You've been warned! 


Dear heart-shaped pizza, will you be my Valentine?


This represents just how much we all love pizza!


Heroes aren't born. They're baked. Check out this Iron Man pizza!


Not an Iron Man fan? Here's a Superman pizza to the rescue!


You can celebrate any occasion with this glorious pizza cake!


Have you tried some pizza lasagna?


How about a pizza burger?

Or some pizza soup!


Craving Mexican food? This pizza taco is for you!


Who said you can't have pizza for dessert?


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Which kind of pizza is your favorite? Feel free to share in the comments section!