VJ BLOG: ERICA Takes On Our #LoveOnMYX Q&A!

It seems our energetic VJ Erica will be busy on Valentine's Day with her special someone!

She's the next to take on our #LoveOnMYX Q&A! So listen closely because VJ Erica shared several good suggestions for a date and gift from an adventurous girl's point of view!

Her suggestion for a date is out of the ordinary and definitely a must try! Find out what it is and hear VJ Erica's other good advice for Hearts Day in our #LoveOnMYX Q&A!


Spend Valentine's Day with VJ Erica and the other MYX VJs in our 24-hour #LoveOnMYX special! Send your love messages here on and Facebook or tweet with the hashtag #LoveOnMYX and we will flash them on air!

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