WATCH: KPop Group FAMEUS Surprises With A Daniel Padilla Song!

Capturing the hearts of Pinoy fans during their press conference last February 11 was KPop boy group FameUs composed of Daeyoung, Doah, Kudo, Hansaem, Hanyoung and Junghoon!!

As first-timers in the country, the boys enjoy the warm climate. "The sceneries of the Philippines are what we can't see in Korea, it feels like we are in a movie..." said Doah. They also wish to visit Cebu and Boracay someday!

Hansaem and Junghoon were originally part of an 8-member coed group called F1RST which Doah later joined! Soon after, the guys from F1RST debuted in an all male group together with Hanoung, Daeyoung and Kudo with the release of their first single "Crazy"! 

Boyz II Men is their international idol, but they look up to BIGBANG the most among the roster of KPop artists!

Daeyoung spoke a few Tagalog words - calling himself pogi and referring to Filipino girls as maganda!

Throughout the press conference, the guys kept the conversation lighthearted and even sang a snippet of their latest single "Only Stupid One!"

Jung Hoon, who introduced himself as the cool guy of FameUs, sang an on-the-spot cover of Brian McKnight's "Back At One". He also proudly pointed out adobo and sinigang as the Filipino dishes he wanted to try!

One of the reasons the guys came to the country is because of the incredible support from Pinoy fans who they claim to be more active than their counterparts in Korea!

And to compensate for the appreciation and warm welcome they received, the guys did a special surprise by singing Daniel Padilla's "Nasa 'Yo Na Ang Lahat"!

Watch the video below:


The boy group is looking forward to entertain their fans on a series of shows and fan meets until February 22! 

Do you know any FameUs songs? Feel free to leave a comment about the band in the comments section.