VJ BLOG: ROBI Takes On Our #LoveOnMYX Q&A!

Hearts Day is just around the corner! But VJ Robi & and his girlfriend Gretchen Ho celebrated in advance a couple of days ago because they won’t be able to see each other on February 14!

Remember, you don't have to wait for Valentine's Day to celebrate love," explained VJ Robi.


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People nowadays think that Valentine’s Day is overrated. But for me – I think it’s such a nice day to celebrate! I think that the best thing you can give to the girl or guy you love would have to be your time,” VJ Robi said when asked what his advice is for a good gift.

VJ Robi also has a special message to the singles out there: "For those who consider love day as single-awareness day… remember that love doesn’t only flourish between couples. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and you can do that with friends, family, or anyone!" 

Just remember what VJ Robi said and you'll have an awesome Valentine's Day no matter who you spend it with!

Spend Valentine's Day with VJ Robi and the other MYX VJs in our 24-hour #LoveOnMYX special! Send your love messages here on and Facebook or tweet with the hashtag #LoveOnMYX and we will flash them on air!

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