BARBIE ALMALBIS Launches Latest Album "My New Heart"!

Rock icon Barbie Almalbis presents a new chapter in her life through the launch of her latest album My New Heart!

"My songs have always been like a diary," explained Barbie when asked if her songs somehow changed in style since her previous album which was released in 2011. 

The "Tabing-Ilog" singer says that this album is the most special by far since her married life has made a big impact on the output of "her new heart". In fact, the cover was painted by her husband Martin Honasan. 

The entire album of original songs was recorded at Barbie's home studio. And though she prioritizes family obligations, she assures that being a mom hasn't drastically changed her music.

Yup, we witnessed the same old Barbie Almalbis rock it out live during her album launch! We also got to know more about My New Heart and other inside stories from Barbie herself! Check it out in the video below!


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