WATCH: Adventurous Wedding Proposals!

We've witnessed various settings for wedding proposals - at a romantic dinner, during a concert or sports event, or with the help of a flash mob. But these guys went to the extreme just to pop the life-changing question "Will You Marry Me?" 

1) The Scuba Diving Wedding Proposal

This guy's love is as deep as the ocean! 

Video Posted by:Grant Guetschoff

2) The Ski Trip Wedding Proposal

The cold never bothered this heart-warming proposal!

Video Posted by:About Colorado TV

3) The Rock Climbing Proposal

This marriage will survive through life's ups and downs! 

Video Posted by:Patrick Jones

4) The Water Skiing Proposal

It's safe to fall hard after saying "Yes" on water!

Video Posted by:Matthew Gencarella

5) Ice Skating Proposal

Back in 2008, figure skater John Baldwin dropped to his knees and asked the question to partner Rena Inoue right after their routine! 

Video Posted by:Andre Kompaniets

What can you say about these adventurous wedding proposals? Feel free to share us your thoughts in the comments section.