YouTube sensation Jam Vhille Fernando Sebastian has passed away after battling lung cancer at the young age of 28. The sad news was announced by his mother Maricar on Facebook.

Together with girlfriend Paolinne Michelle "Mich" Liggayu, Jam was one-half of the popular duo Jamich who became viral sensations with their romantic short films. Let's remember Jam through some of his unforgettable videos:

Here's their most popular video about a touching story between best friends

Video Source: JamichTV

Here's a 6cyclemind video where Jamich was featured together with Jinri Park

Video Source: SoupstarTV

Jamich conceptualized and starred in "Selfie Song" by Davey Langit

Video Source: JamichTV

Jam joined other YouTube sensations for an inspiring cover of "Heal The World"

Video Source: JamichTV

We extend our condolences to all his loved ones and fans. Rest in peace, Jam!

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  • iselramos44

    posted 2 years ago

    I was crying infront of the media that i will miss him forever he's my fave youtube sensation poor kiddo i will miss him in heaven