Celebrities Weigh In On The Controversial Dress!

A dress is making rounds in the internet and dividing people between the colors black / blue and white / gold, even making #TheDress the top trending topic on Twitter!

Celebrities also jumped in the ""blue and black" or "white and gold" debate! Look at what they think about #TheDress below:

We guess Ellen DeGeneres' prediction is right! There are two types of people!

TAYLOR SWIFT has made a firm decision about the odd dress!

And Swifties all agree with her, even though others see it as white and gold!

JUSTIN BIEBER has made his choice!

ARIANA GRANDE shares a problem with the dress' color!

DEMI LOVATO is just mind-blown, but her heart says blue and black!

Uh, oh! sorry KIM K.! Looks like the dress is breaking the internet!

OSCAR Best Actress JULIANNE MOORE butts in with comedians Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak

COMET actress EMMY ROSSUM needs help with her decision too!

Of course, our local celebrities have their share of opinions!

CHRISTIAN BAUTISTA is pretty calm with what he sees!

BIANCA GONZALEZ also joins the discussion!

VJ DIEGO is asking help from you guys!

Rico Blanco has another view of the dress!

Now you decide, is it blue and black or white and gold? Tell us in the comments section!