MYXclusive: Behind The Scenes Of HALE's New Music Video!

After 5 years, reunited band Hale will be coming out with a brand new music video for their comeback single "See You"!

Last February 27, Champ, Sheldon, Roll and Pao had their music video shoot at The Eye in Green Sun Hotel together with director VJ Jimenez and Green Sun's creative director Cedric Hornedo!

Champ specifically contacted Cedric so they can execute their vision for the music video accurately and they were able to do just that during the shoot. The Eye has high-technology with a special 360 visual which allows all four walls to have projected graphics and images!

The band's frontman explained: "It's the first time for us to shoot here. Basically we just wanted to do something different - something that we believe hasn't been done locally." 

It was perfect for what Hale wanted for their new music video and they're so excited for everyone to see the hard work and passion they put into "See You"! Here's our MYXclusive behind-the-scenes coverage!


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