WATCH: ARIANA GRANDE "Almost Died" During The Honeymoon Tour Kickoff!

While Madonna survived falling off the stage at the BRIT Awards, Ariana Grande nearly met death during the kickoff of her "The Honeymoon Tour" in Kansas City!

But don't worry Arianators, we can all breathe and relax because our tough diva lived to tell the tale!

As you can see in this fan cam, something obviously went wrong as it took her a while to appear on stage!

Video Posted by:WeWereThereToo

The 21-year old singer soon tweeted her Honeymoon Diaries Youtube video which showed her horrific experience. She can be heard saying "I almost died! I almost died!" while being surrounded by her team backstage! Though there was a "Problem" with the broken lift, Ariana's professional side shined through! Her "the show must go on" attitude only made us love her harder! Watch the full video below:

Video posted by:Honeymoon Diaries

Any thoughts about Ariana Grande's near death experience? Feel free to leave us a comment.



  • rodney_cullen

    posted 2 years ago

    Katy Perry once admitted in an interview with Sirius XM that Ari is the best female vocalist today & she literally has the best voice, the best voice live. I really think that it's really true cuz I can hear it, people who deny it are just jealous &/or envious of her or maybe embittered cuz Ari can sing far better than their idols!

  • rodney_cullen

    posted 2 years ago

    I'm really a true die-hard fan of her cuz she fails all her "Loves", she does everything she can to make all her "Loves" so proud of her!

  • rodney_cullen

    posted 2 years ago

    I've already heard the adage: "The Show must go on." & that's what exactly happened in her show, it's great that she could still hit all the high notes flawlessly after that.

  • KyleArianator_07

    posted 2 years ago

    Ariana grande