WATCH: 8-Year Old Kid Is A Dancing Prodigy!

He can groove, he can go hard, he can go smooth - whatever style of street dance choreography you throw at him, he's got it down like one-two step!

8-year old Adrian Prince Xiong shows that no matter what age you are, you can still work and grind like how the big boys do it! We've seen videos of this dancing prodigy before but check out his latest videos here! Just when you thought he couldn't get any better! Imagine how more incredible he'd be five to ten years from now!

Adrian is dancing with other youngsters here, but he definitely stands out!

Video Source: Adrian Prince Xiong

Go hard or go home!!!

Video Source: Adrian Prince Xiong

This is his latest video where he shows smooth and intricate moves!

Video Source: Adrian Prince Xiong

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