WATCH: British Guy Sings "Harana" For Filipina Girlfriend!

Can you say "sweet"? Because this British man is just that as he took the effort to learn "Harana" by Parokya Ni Edgar so he could serenade his Filipina girlfriend!

It's not everyday that you hear a Brit guy sing a Tagalog song, and he actually did it justice! For sure, his girlfriend fell in love with him even more after this charming gesture! Check out the video below!

Video Source: Thomas Mark Rogers

Did you get giddy over this man who took the effort to learn a Tagalog song for his Filipina girlfriend? Feel free to share with us your thoughts in the comments section!



  • tomrogers

    posted 2 years ago

    Hey, thank you so much for sharing my video with everyone. I have already started learning more songs :) If anybody has any suggestions on what i can sing next message me at Salamat !