CHRISTINA PERRI Truly "Hearts" The Philippines!

It was a soothing and swaying singfest at Christina Perri's "Head Or Heart" concert in Manila as everyone sang along to her serene voice all throughout the night!

After what seemed like "A Thousand Years", the "Jar Of Hearts" singer-songwriter finally had her highly anticipated concert at the Big Dome last March 5! It was definitely worth the wait for all the fans and for Christina as well! She revealed during the concert that she has actually been waiting for five whole years to finally be able to visit the Philippines! She also added that it's the country where she knows she has the biggest amount of support so she's eternally grateful to all of her Filipino fans!

She waited for so long to be able to sing with us, and she finally felt our love in person! She even complimented Filipinos for having such beautiful voices! With admiration like that coming from her, we believe everyone's hearts were warmed!

One of the biggest highlights was Christina's heavenly rendition of "Human" which brought everyone to a whole other world! The crowd was mesmerized while listening to her angelic voice!

Christina Perri also performed her own version of "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran! Throughout the concert, she continuously uttered the Filipino words "Mabuhay" and "Salamat" as she completely fell in love with the Philippines!

After an entrancing night, we can easily say that Christina Perri's "Head or Heart" concert made everyone head over heels for her even more and we look forward to singing with Christina again in the future!

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