Nothing But Good Vibes At MALASIMBO 2015!

Hitting up nothing but those good vibrations - the first weekend of Malasimbo 2015 started off with a surge of high spirits! Celebrating the festival's fifth year under the stars, you can just feel the positive energy in the air!

Centered upon its four pillars: Music, Arts, Environment and Indigenous People, the Malasimbo 2015 Festival awakened our souls, reconnected us to nature, and had everyone just living high off of life! We were extremely fortunate to witness all of the magic that happened on the beautiful island of Mindoro, so here are our Malasimbo highlights!

Before actually arriving at the mountain, it was already a treat as the ride and walk going to the main event pumped us up! The ambiance was chill and enchanting as the cool mountain breeze hit and the sounds of tribal drums and acoustic guitars filled the air.

Several performances had us singing and swaying side to side, but one of our favorite performances of that night would have to be The Versatile Voicebox, Tom Thum! His mad beatboxing skills got the entire crowd on their feet asking for more!

On the second day, the festival's co-founder Hubert d'Aboville gave us a tour of the beautiful mountain where the Malasimbo magic happens. He wanted us to fall in love with the place, just like he did back in 1981! 

We were also able to really appreciate the amazing art pieces this year, displayed all around the venue for everyone to see!

The second night featured the ill tracks of Golden Sound, the jazzy-funk party of Fred Wesley & The New JBs, the powerful and earthly beat of Brigada...

And of course, one of the main highlights of the Malasimbo Festival this year was the set of Ky-Mani Marley! The son of reggae legend Bob Marley amped up the good vibes for the night! 

The third night featured the country's foremost solo guitarist Noli Aurillo, the ethereal collaboration of FKJ and June Marieezy, and the laid-back vibes of Taylor McFerrin! 

After three extraordinary days at the festival, we were all hungover from the incredible Malasimbo magic! We left Puerto Galera with the banging of island drums in our minds, our hearts filled with art and nothing but good vibrations!

What was your magical Malasimbo highlight this year? Share it with us by leaving a comment!