WATCH: HALE Documentary "Time And Space" On MYX Presents!

Guess what, Halers? Champ, Roll, Sheldon and Paolo have a special treat for all of you! The story of the band's journey - from their sudden fame in 2004 up to their much-awaited comeback - is all compiled in the Hale documentary Time And Space!

"It's a story worth telling," said Champ during our MYXclusive interview. Check out what the band had to say about their original documentary!


Make sure to catch Hale's documentary Time And Space on MYX Presents!   

Airing schedule

March 12 Thursday 9pm 

March 13 Friday 11am 

March 15 Sunday 6am & 4pm 

March 17 Tuesday 12am 

Here's the trailer:

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