MYXclusive: KIM CHIU Is Finally Releasing Another Album!

After 8 years of resting her voice, Kim Chiu jokingly explained, she's finally coming out with her second album Chinita Princess under Star Records! And she can't wait for you to hear it!

We visited Kim during her photoshoot where we got a glimpse of what to expect from her new album! It definitely reflects the positivity that she's feeling right now!

The actress admits feeling some pressure, but she's keeping her mind on the brighter side of things! She's given her 100 percent best for her fans and hopes that the "crazy love" doesn't stop there! 

Speaking of "Crazy Love", Kim shared that Chinita Princess will feature a new version of her 2007 hit! 

Check out our MYXclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Kim Chiu's album photoshoot plus our one-on-one chat with the chinita princess herself! Apparently, she's an avid MYX viewer and can't wait to see her video on the #1 music channel! 


How excited are you for Kim Chiu's new album? Do you have a message for her? Feel free to leave a comment!