WATCH: Pinoy Fighter In TEKKEN 7?

The Iron Fist Tournament continues!

Gamers can't wait for the latest installment of one of the earliest fighting games by Namco, Tekken 7! New characters have been leaked recently - and one female fighter is getting a lot of buzz as fans speculate that she might be Filipino!

Video Source: LevelUpYourGame

Their guesses are based on the appearance of the character and the customised design of its clothes and accessories! At first glance, you can say the character's complexion can be fitted to an average Pinay and you can immediately notice the color scheme of the character's outfit: yellow, red and blue. Zooming in on the details, some say that she's wearing a modernized saya while her earrings, necklace and footwear have sun rays - just like in the Filipino flag.

Cosplayer-model Alodia Gosiengfiao is also in on the speculation! 

It is only a leaked character so there is no actual confirmation if it will be part of the game. Whatever the ethnicity, it looks like the character will make a great addition to the Tekken roster of fighters!

Do you think this new leaked Tekken 7 character is a Filipina? Tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment!



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