YouTube Sensations Spend Christmas in the Philippines!

Fil-Canadian Mikey Bustos' Filipino tutorial series on YouTube became an instant hit, with his clever instructional videos introducing the quirks of Filipinos. He has since gained endorsement deals. While he's visiting the country and cooking up something special (watch out for updates here on, we asked him what he wished for this holiday season, and here's what he said:


American YouTube sensation AkoSiChris (his online moniker) gained a following with his covers of beloved OPM hits. From Eraserheads and Itchyworms to Mike Hanopol, AkoSiChris, with his American accent, gives Pinoy tunes an endearing twist. He calls his own brand of music: American Rocks Pinoy Music aka "JOePM."

MYXph bumped into AkoSiChris at the launch of Gig at the Dig of Dig Radio where he revealed that he'll be spending a year in the Philippines scoping out the local music scene. He said, "Appreciate what you have here before you look elsewhere, because there's so much beauty in this country."

We asked him what he wanted for Christmas and the first thing that came to mind? FOOD! Not just any food, though, he was craving for mouthwatering Pinoy treats. Watch as he lists down some of his favorites.